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Transform your player community into a thrilling 1920s Mafia world


Build your criminal empire

This text-based game is unlike anything you've ever experienced - with customisable gameplay and endless opportunities for strategy and collaboration.
Form powerful families to collaborate with other players
Raid rival players to become the most powerful in the city
Run illegal businesses to maximise your profit
Complete dangerous jobs and engage in all manner of illicit activities
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Improve server’s activity

Our game has been rigorously tested, and we've seen impressive metrics on our Mafiaverse HQ server which we grew 3x in the past 8 weeks.
Players stay: 65% Week-1 and 18% Week-8 retention
Players chat: 80 messages on average per player per week
Players love the game: more than 100 game actions per player
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Earn 10% Revenue share

As an exclusive partner, you'll earn 10% of the revenue from in-game item and subscription purchases made by your community members.

Other games

Kartel Games is constantly working on new IPs and we're thrilled to be able to share them with you soon.
Coming sooN
Coming sooN


A team of highly experienced and forward-looking entrepreneurs, set out to leave a pivotal mark in today’s gaming world.
Co-founder, design

Erikas Malisauskas

Co-founder, CEO

Jonas Bartasius

Co-founder, mechanics

Laurynas Malisauskas

Co-founder, Technology

Lukas naruseviCIUS